Will We Survive Death? Would Immortality be a Good Thing?

Death has been in the past orchestrated by both philosophers and theologians differently. Each group tend to come with their substantial reasons as to the cause and implication of death. As we speak, there is no concrete evidence to its survival. Logically writing, surviving death is next to impossible. For instance, should one survive death then immortality takes its roots. This drives us back to ask, should we will survive death then immortality will be good? For this theme to have impact then it is imperative that thesis statement is developed. If we survive death, then immortality will be good and contradicts the end of life is death of which immortality is the worst. When we survive death, then immortality is the way.

The statement reiterates the probability of death survival and having a chance to live eternally. Ambrey de Grey supports it by saying that humans will one day have the ability to live forever due to progressive move made in recent times. He pinpoints the advancement in the medical field that can help in achieving survival of death. The impact of modern medicine as well as science has managed to come up with drugs that cure particular diseases that were killing many people worldwide. This meant that people could not survive the death hence there was mortality reigning (Metz 362).

The scientist argues that there is almost one particular thing that renders peoples lives useless, the accumulation of molecular and cellular body damage. These kinds of damage will actually be a past event since regenerative medicines like stem cells as well as gene therapies will tackle the problem. In theological concept, surviving death, one ought to do as required by the virtues of God that are well documented in the Bible. For instance, one will adhere to God’s word like not doing a sin such as fornication for him or her to avoid death. In most instances, the death survival is a fiction or state of mind rather than a reality on the ground. This brings forth the loggerhead between scientists or atheists and religious staunches like Christians.

Immortality might be good to some extent but disastrous. Living forever in the physical aspect is important in different ways. It accords an individual an avenue of making many friends in stages of life. Moreover, the psychological torture that one is always faced with whenever allies are dead is not a topic of discussion. People pursue immortality for different reasons that could be best known to them. One might pursue immortality for dominance like defeating opponents that could be in his or her space. Defeating a person or group means clinching power and majority of powerful people like to be so in their endeavors.

This means that, the democratic development in political sphere could be but some allusion as autocrats could have left power. When immortality finds its roots there will be free life. No day will there be competition since people can get whatever they want at their own will and time. This of course will only be possible if leadership is retained at a certain level when resources are being controlled directly. In most of the time, motivation will be high since one is assured of life in the future. This will enhance creativity and innovativeness thus taking development of humanities a good survival space. One imagines if great scholars and philosophers like Martin Luther King Jr. could be immortal then where could United States be in terms of development? The theories like survival for the fittest could not have existed and extinction rather presumption that all species are equal and the same.

Let’s think in that line and prove to scholars that life could have been in different form. The point concurs with the religious belief on immortality that death came as a consequence of sin. But before whatever took place in the Garden of Eden then immortality could be spoken widely. In lieu to the above reasons, then it’s prudent for one to contradict the statement from will we survive death, would immortality be good to no survival death rendering immortality bad. It is the truth on the ground that death survival is allusion which exonerates the end of life for everyone on the earth. There are reasons that ensure death survival is not met on the earth. The point goes hand in hand with living forever as not a good idea. It will only worsen the situation should people survive death.

For instance, people evolve according to evolution theory which states that human beings are at the evolving stages in life (Scheffler 20). As people evolve new human beings come into place to do better than their predecessors. The environment in which people live guarantees the unlikeliness of surviving death. It is true since environment dictates who a person is. For continuity and effectiveness, social being of one likes new interactions. When one will be immortal then his or her social well-being is compromised. This is because human is a social being and interactive hence continuous experience of similar things bring forth boredom thus changing the attitude. In political arena, boredom with similar ideas and people thus giving a place for antagonism among the elites.

The new technology that is being invented daily comes with its risks. For instance, cathode rays in a cancer therapy room makes certain body cells dead on the sport. Slowly this will make someone to die in the long-run. The mentality and the research that have conducted showing the lifespan of people worldwide. This has a psychological effect such that upon when reaches those years then the death aspect comes into mind. It usually occurs to the elderly who give up in life upon reaching life expectancy age of about 75 years and above but subject to ecological conditions. These years act as prerequisite for several contagious diseases that at the end shortens the person’s life. The elderly are vastly affected because of the stress attached to such chronic illnesses.

It as well jeopardize plans could be having with life. It is the plan true that death is a natural calamity and disastrous. It is the only nightmare that even the wisest in the world has no control over. Scientists cannot prove the reason behind death and even prevent it. The opposite is true to the siblings of the Christian faith. They believe that Jesus Christ overcame death by resurrecting on the third day. Actually, there are several instances used in the Bible where men of nobble character raised people from the dead like Prophet Elijah (Audi 193). Since it is a natural calamity, then no one can predict when he or she will die. It is untimely and place not specified. This explains death through accidents and fire outbreak. The quagmire that people are in the death issue cannot be substantially explained.

This confirms that a human being has no control over life therefore siding with the religion side is the only way. The Christian faith affirms that there is only way of surviving death since it was God’s punishment for humankind for the sins. The only remedy of surviving death is by being born again. The reason as to not in a position of surviving death is the creativeness and innovation of human beings. As people continue living on earth, they will not stop inventing and creating different things and ideas since they like progressive exploration. These come with their dangers attached. The technological usage in every sector of different nations economy poses risky lives for people. For instance, grenades for war launching kill many people within a short period of time.

This creates fear among people and hostility hence many people will die due to war and violence. As time goes by survival of death will automatically become a dream that will be achieved. Immortality on the other hand is bad on this world. Some scholar put it that, it is irrational for anyone to desire immortality. This is because immortality will lead to overpopulation world all over. Overpopulation will stretch on the use of resources as well as the space available for survival. This will automatically bring back inter-competition of people for resources hence disagreement will compromise the peaceful coexistence. When resources are overstretched due to overpopulation, there will be an imbalance of resource distribution that will interfere with fairness treatment of people.

On the same note, where there is injustice count out equality. The inequality will be practiced by the rich to the poor. This social imbalance creates hatred therefore masquerading cultural doctrine of each one is important in life. An ethics philosopher, Mary Midgley, points out that death shapes life and without that shape then meaningfulness of life is not there. How true is the assertion depends on the angle in which will look at her sentiments but they are the truth. In fact, boredom is a reality in her statement since there will be no evolution taking place thus blocking development of other great reformed people( Brown 40). Immortality affects society in which we are living. The society is radically and drastically changing in coping up with new issues of life.

This means that the existing social institutions are strengthen and new and modern ones built. Institutions like marriage, its workability with immortal individuals is somehow unfounded. How the children will be given birth to and number since parents are immortal. The schools structure as well as career fields in relation to the age of retirement. The retirement benefits one is accorded to at the end of career. All those ideas will bring forth scenarios which cannot be handled if immortality exists. Then it proves the point that immortality is actually bad. In conclusion, will we survive death? Would a mortality be a good thing? Are questions that two weighty to answer all.