Why is the Speed Limit 25 instead of 35?

The speed limit is the highest speed at which a vehicle is legally allowed to travel, within a particular area, on a specific road, under different conditions. The state sets some limits while other by regional governments such as county or provincial. However, this paper is aiming to address my complaint about the level of the speed limit. It has come to my realization that the speed limit set at 25 mph instead of 35 mph is too low considering the road it should be applied. What I am seriously concerned about is why the speed limit set at 25 since there are no compelling reasons for this action. Such limits should be applied in sensitive areas especially school zones and residential areas with children around.

This is a result of improper adjustment of the speed limit in some states without putting all the facts into consideration. Hence, I am writing this essay in an attempt to bring forward my complaint that the speed limit should be increased to a reasonable level. In some occasions, there is a need for speed to avoid wastage of time and ensuring that people are reaching their destinations as fast as possible. The speed of 35 which is my preferred suggests is not high either, so it should be considered. The states and government argue that they set low-speed limits for our own safety, but the real question is, does the limit help in ensuring the safety of travelers. For instance, it could be argued that these limits are set considering traffic of a place, the weather conditions, the locations, and the lightings.

If this was true, why do the limits remain the same despite the changing weather conditions in different seasons? Sometimes the government sets and deliberately implements speed limits that are below a safe speed for a particular road like in my case. People always tend to lean on the negative by believing that the speed limit set by the states are for our own protection. If roads are better, cars are safer, and drivers are responsible, there are no convincing or any factual reasons why the speed limit should not be increased.

I believe that if roads are better and the driver knows their vehicles better than the states, then the speed limit should be set reasonably. Sometimes I tend to imagine that those limits set are a sign that drivers do not know how to drive responsibly and the government does not respect the people. When setting those limits, it should be assumed that whoever is driving on that road is of a sound mind and responsible. Doing so will help set the most reasonable limit that everyone is comfortable. If the state starts telling the society that the faster speed they are traveling is dangerous, people will not feel that the government is looking out for their safety. Instead, they will believe that the government is treating them like children who are irresponsible and do not know how to behave on the road.

Therefore, they will most likely drive for a higher speed than the set limit. The speed limit should be increased instead. The speed that people drive has less to do with the set speed limit. Therefore, higher speed limits could make the roads safer than what one can imagine. Also, the speed difference that is created is more dangerous than is everybody was driving at high speed. Most people feel frustrated when they are behind a slow driver, and they are in a hurry. This is what is likely to cause the accident than a driver who is moving at a higher speed. Increasing the speed limit is likely to improve relations with law enforcement.

People feel better when they are given what they want, which will make their relationship better with highway patrollers since they feel appreciated. It will also help increase respect for the law since people will see speed as a serious matter and not a routine offense to be committed daily. Increasing the speed limit could save lives since most accidents do not happen due to the average speed levels but rather the variation in speed between cars. The difference is speed cause more confusion on the road through passing and overtaking. Raising the speed will eliminate or even reduce this turbulence thereby saving lives.

In conclusion, considering the entire factual basis and the benefits of increasing the speed limit, in my conclusion, I will, therefore, urge the government to take action and raise the speed limit. This will help reduce the number of accidents and save lives on our roads. The limits should be reasonable and ones that most people could comfortably drive. Some speeds are set below the safe speed for a specific road. Increasing the speed limit will reduce the traffic congestion and drivers will become more responsible on the roads.