Transgender Culture

Transgender cultural is a mode of conduct displayed by people independent of sexual orientataion. Also known as heterosexual, bisexual or asexual, these people consider convectional sexual orientation labels not adequate. The term transgender is differentiated from intersex in that unlike intersex, transgender describes people born with physical characteristics that do not fit either being male or females (Levitt, & Ippolito, 2014). The fact that cultural defines the ideas, customs and social behavior of a particular group in a society quantifies the transgender people as a cultural group. I choose to study the group because in many instances, transgender people are given a cold shoulder by the society for displaying interests in both male and female traits.

Studying the group will be beneficial since through the study, I will develop a clear understanding of the ways of life displayed by the transgender culture. To facilitate an understanding of the transgender people, I visited a bar called Gladys in a town called Denver and talked to a transgender lady by name Amy who reveled to me that many transgender people like visiting clubs since it was the safest place find to express their selves or to let lose what in their hearts.

Following the way Amy expressed herself I came to realize that the primary reasons why she visited the bar was because when amongst other community members she did not feel safe thus she wanted a place where she could express herself and exercise feeling in absence the curious eyes of the society members. Though her expression Amy made me understand that the transgender people are subjected to high level psychological traumas from the society thus they opt visiting places with minimal society members. The study I conducted put in a position of developing an insight of handling the transgender society members in an appropriate manner.


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