The Influence of the Blues Music

The blues music has been very influential in many kinds of music. Many musicians, like the Beatles, have acknowledged the importance of the blues. Rock and roll are most certainly one of the types of music that the blues music has found its way into. Rock and roll are known for electric guitars, and amplified sounds but many components of blues music like antiphonic textures, walking bass lines and 12-bar forms actually brought rock and roll into life. Many elements of the blues like instrumentation, rhythm and purpose form the qualities of the rock and roll music.

A perfect example of a song that can undoubtedly show the influence of the blues music on rock and roll is “Yer Blues” by The Beatles. As mentioned above, the Beatles are among artists who acknowledge the influence of blues in other genres of music. The design of this song, its lyrics, rhythm, sounds and even its mood, is a clear indication of the role the blues music played in rock and roll music. In this track, electric blues guitars, and guitar riffs are used. This design is highly regarded to be from the blues music and the guitars themselves are acknowledged to be blues guitars.

In addition to this, this song by the Beatles uses long drawn out lyrics. Originally, such kinds of lyrics were exclusive to the blues music before they found their place in rock and roll as the blues influence in other kinds of music increased. These lyrics are about loneliness and are often suicidal. This is exactly the type of mood and emotion that is associated with the blues music.

From the entire design of this rock and roll music (and being one of the best tracks from one of the best rock and roll bands), it is evident that the blues music has become very influential in other genres of music.