Statement of Purpose

While I was still young I had an injury and broke my foot while playing with my friends. It took me months to heal and it is only after started working out through physical therapy that I finally gained my original guile and youthful self. This compounded my lifelong interest in anatomy and the love and appreciation for exercise and biomechanics of physical therapy. I am driven towards developing the best qualities in others and I find it rewarding when I watch someone progress and heal through time.

As a therapist I am committed towards ensuring that I play my part in helping others develop abilities and changes that are critical in changing their lives. It is a critical model that I deem to be essential towards engaging with others and developing the profession. I am motivated and driven by the satisfaction that one gets as a therapist through seeing their patients heal and gain their original physical abilities and potency.

In a world where lifestyle conditions have been on the rise, I believe as a physical therapist I can contribute towards overseeing a shift in the methods and processes that are matched in the systems accordingly. The University of St. Augustine offers a chance to develop as a professional practitioner through the innovative and quality methods that are used to develop students. The reputation of the university in developing professionals and the small class sizes offering a low faculty-student ratio are fundamental aspects towards developing my skills as a professional.

The core values of the university that are integrity, professionalism, health and wellness, promoting excellence and innovation in education, collaboration, responsiveness and creative and critical thinking will be particularly essential in overseeing a change in the specific systems identified. The high success rate of the University in the National Physical Therapy Examination is also an attractive prospect that I am looking forward to in the educational experience. I am looking forward to your reply which I hope will be positive and help me earning a chance to be in the University.