Slave Narrative

Destiny Jonson was born in Lafayette Louisiana in the late 1700s. As a young girl, she had dreams of studying literature and become an influential person later in life. She did not realize the challenges which were facing her until she became slightly of age. Born at a time when slavery was at its peak, Destiny did not know that she could be sold as a slave to wealthy white slave owners. Destiny was born and raised by her slave parents Joseph Jonson and Ciara Johnson. The parents were also slaves who were who often treated them inhumanly. The fact that they were slaves meant that Destiny and her siblings including Jasmine, Kayla and Justin could go without the necessities such as proper shelter, food, and housing. They were disadvantaged in this society.

Destiny Jonson grew and came of age and started running errands around their home. As a young African American girl, she met the same predicament of being sold off as a slave. According to the wealthy whites, the African Americans who lived in the period between late 1700 and early 1800 had no social status in the society and were best suited to offer forced labor in the farms and the households under inhuman conditions such as working even when one was sick. As a norm, she was sold off to Mr. and Miss Smith to work in the house and other duties assigned to her. Even though she was not used to being subjected to long working hours with little rest and food, she learns to adjust to the life and deal with eth situation presented to her. Destiny Johnson was raised as true African American girl with values such as hard work, resilience, honesty, and humility. Her attributes impress Miss Smith who is a literature teacher to offer some lessons to her outside her routine. Destiny, therefore, ends up learning literature in attempts to achieve her dreams of becoming an accomplished and successful girl in the society.

However, Mr. Smith does not view her as a valuable human being. She ends up raping her in several instances resulting in two pregnancies. These actions by Mr. Smith are dehumanizing, and Destiny ends up losing her innocence and purity as a girl. Destiny gave birth to two lovely sons, Taylor Anderson and Gabriel Anderson who she didn’t want to grow up under her slave owner. She, therefore, hatched a plan with the help of her admirer James Walker. They planned to sneak the children without their father’s knowledge and run back home. However, she was not lucky to escape with her children, and as a result, she loses both children. The children were the only source of joy to her. Losing them increased her despair and emotional suffering. She was often traumatized about the ordeals which befell her. She cursed herself, her parents and everything around. The attempted escape incident angered Mr. Smith who subsequently sold her off to another slave owner Mr. and Miss Anderson.

Destiny Jonson found a new home under the Andersons with her life worsening. She was separated from her family and children. She was away from her admirer who offered her solace at times. The desperation, therefore, increased for Destiny. She never concentrated on her work due to the emotional and stress she was undergoing. As a result, she was physically assaulted by her master who also considered her worthless. One day after finishing her days work, she retreated to her resting place with a lot of thoughts lingering in her mind including the ideas to commit suicide to end all the pain. After evaluating what the future held for her and only envisioning hopelessness, Destiny Jonson committed suicide to end her troubles entirely.