Should the U.S. offer a path to citizenship/legal residency for illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.?


This piece of work will discuss on immigration and give a solution to the question should the Us government offer path to citizenship illegal immigrants currently residing in the US?. Currently, the whole world has the notion that life in the United States has all the goodies to offer. With the current poverty and problems in the third world developed countries, the citizens will find visa by all means just to land in the US. To them, the United States is the New Jerusalem city mentioned in the bible or the dynasty kingdom. Countries like Somalia have had war at the from the beginning as mentioned in history no wonder the country was not colonized. The civilians run to the United States in the pursuit of finding silage. Some of the citizens who seek refuge in the USA are in the bid of landing on good jobs with good pay as the US dollar has strengthened over the years. Well, should the government offer residence to the illegal migrants or not?. This will be based upon the conventional of the United States as the constitution was debated and made a long time ago by the finding fathers of America.


The current population of America is over three hundred million citizens. According to research done in 2016, it revealed that the current mortality has decreased due to the excellent health care in the country which was boosted by the Obama Care as well as the Trump regime. Well, the effect of the significant population has yielded as the nation is an innovative one with a lot of industries and the world’s leading academic institutions. The US also has the leading military force hence piece is abundant in the country and at the borders. Currently is the superpower as it helped in conquering of the Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders in President Bush and Obamas regime. The United States has also recorded the most robust economy all over the world as it can trade within the states without any conflicts. This has brought to the attention many countries who would want to associate with the USA. Well, the rate of immigration to the United States has increased rapidly, and this has raised the question as to whether the United States government should offer a path to the illegal immigrants who are currently residing in the United States. The Immigration has also been the main reason following the massive population grew in the United States. The effects of immigration have also been felt in the United States as it has brought change cultural change. The country records over thirty million foreigners each year making it the larger immigrant population than any other country В (DeSipio & De la Garza, 2014).

Immigration and Its Effects in the United States of America

The impacts of the noncitizens have been felt as they range from good to bad. The political, economic and the social aspects have caused an uproar in the country as some of the immigrants end up in jails due to crimes. It is disheartening to hear that the Us jails have 35% prisoners from Africa as well as other parts of the world. Some of these immigrants have hidden motives and agendas and can maliciously cause harm. Studies show that the US is the most targeted country by different militia forces across the globe and they will do whatever it takes to bring it down. It is therefore not proper to allow immigrants into the country as they can inflict danger on the country’s economy as well as the peace. Initially, there were laws set which prohibited the massive immigration of people from Western Europe, but the rules were excluded by the Civil Rights Movements which replaced the ethnic quotas with per-country limits. On the other hand, some researchers indicate that some illegal immigration effect has had beneficial to the United States economy. Some of the immigrants who invest in the nation strengthen the country’s economy, but my question lies to whether the low skilled have any impact. The people who are experienced in different areas quite boost the American natives. Immigrants who set up industries in the United States have impacted the country’s economy positively (Stimpson, Wilson & Su, 2013).

Some of these illegal immigrants run to the United States to seek refuge as their countries are infested with terror. Nobody can chase a person in need as they have no other place to go. Immigrants from countries like Somalia need to be granted citizenship on a temporary basis. The United Nations has to come in to help as these immigrants have also been workload for the country. Exploration indicates that America tops at embracing first- and second-generation refugees comparative to several other nations from the west. United nations has set acts concerning refugees in any country and thus the law should be followed but it remains the decision of the United States government as to whether it can absorb them as citizens or not. Currently President Donald Trump gad talked of importing non-American natives as they had unsettled issues (Munck, Schierup & Delgado Wise, 2012).

The United States government had an alternative of direct assassinating the illegal immigrants but the move was banished following pressure from the United Nations and the European Union. The government noticed that some of these illegal immigrants were suicide bombers while others were committed in different crimes. The government in its line of duty has settled in dealing with the cartels who offer fake visa cards. There are cartels all over the world who are giving gate pass to the United States through the back door making it difficult for the country to deal with immigrants. Cases have risen where even the visa card is renewed but the database does not show any change (Lachica Buenavista, 2016).

Conclusively, the government should deport the illegal immigrants as most of them have malicious intentions of sinking the United States. The American government if it fails to deport the illegal immigrants, it will be sitting on a timely bomb. The terrorists find their way into the country through these illegal immigrants. This work suggests that the citizenship grant should be made only under proper investigations and after a given period of not less than five years. However, the citizenship should be temporary.


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