Should everyone go to school?

A large number of young people take attending school as a duty and the only reason they attend is because it’s an obligation they have to undertake. Some children even absent from school as they term it as not necessary and boring too. This will cause even some students to drop out of school and stop the learning process completely. Some due to the negative thoughts about school will shun completely and never go to school but this does not mean they don’t make it in life.

However, schooling is very crucial for ones career. Others may wish even to study farther. Going to school is also very important for social and interacting skills. It also helps to develop communication skills. All children need therefore to go to school. As indicated, going to school helps in acquiring of new skills which are incredibly important in ones future. One can also not become a good leader if they are not educated. In all the countries we do not have a hundred percent turn up for school hence the question arise should we have everyone going to school.

First and foremost, everyone needs to acquire new skills at some points of their life. These skills can only be well learnt by going to school. For instance babies learn crawling before they can learn how to walk. Same for the children who go to school, there is need for them to get a good start in their lives. They need to get knowledge on reading and writing so as to be an educated grown up. Children also need to get knowledge on numbers and this is achieved by studying maths. Such skills will help them in making transactions in future.

Without this skill, they can lose large amounts of money while transacting. Individuals who attend school are in a better position to make good decisions on matters of making money. They usually have an informed sense of money and they are too good in savings which gives them extra privileges like owning property and retirement investments (Owen, et al pg 69). When it comes to the future almost everyone would love to have a dream job. This can only be enjoyed by those who go to school. Children thus need to be encouraged to not only attend school but work hard so as to achieve their dream jobs. Learned people have many employment options.

The other reason why it’s good to attend school is socialization. Children learn to interact with other children. In Elementary school, children are taught on how to make and keep pals. They also learn virtues like respect for adults and peers so they can be easy portraying their talents and says on different matters. The children are also in a position to interact with other children from different cultures countrywide. Children create friendship which farther creates a community. Through such experience the children are prepared in a manner they can get along with others at work in their future days. They too learn to respect all genders and appreciate different cultures. By interacting, the children learn from each other both academically and also socially.

Study shows that students who participate more in social activities and sports are those with college education. When people get higher education by going to school, they tend to have larger interaction circles which help in boosting their esteem and independence. Another reason for attending school is that it helps the children have confidence in their decisions and become good leaders. All people have opinions and they greatly matter but sadly not all can confidently pass across their opinions. It’s crucial that the children through schooling are equipped with skills and knowledge so as to share their opinions according to what they believe in as an individual. Socializing with others at school helps them to become more confident when it comes to sharing their views. We need leaders who can confidently share their opinions thus schooling helps to produce such leaders.

Finally, it’s at school where children get an opportunity to learn incredibly important life skills. Such skills include communication, empathizing with all people from different age groups and genders, listening to directions given and following them and developing important virtues in life. These life skills are very important as they build the children as an individual and help them become better people in the society.

School is sometimes referred to as a second home as students spend much of their time in school. It is very important that everyone attends school as it helps us to acquire a variety of skills that are important in ones future life. But still going to school has got its shortcomings. (David, pg 167).

First, it’s evident that quite a number of schools give same kind when it comes to training. Children are not given chance to chose subjects they may want to study and thus they are forced to study too much of information some of which may never be applicable anywhere in their future lives. There are also some cases in schools where the students are not fairly treated by some teachers. This is a main cause for the students playing truancy. It also makes them stressed and can sometimes lower their self esteem. This way they lose confidence even in their future interactions like work place or during social activities.

Lastly, schooling takes much of the children’s time and hence they are left with no time or less time for themselves. The content is so wide and thus learning takes much time. Some teachers Entrepreneurship even have to fix extra lessons so as to cover the content required. Students thus lack time for socializing with others outside class. According to Hattam et al (Pg, 380) they also lack time to discover their talents which are very important to them as some students build their career in future based on their talents and end up becoming very successful. Some parents have preferred their children being taught from home as a result of overcoming some of the shortcomings.

In conclusion, the advantages of going to school outweigh the disadvantages thus it’s very important to encourage all the people to go to school. Schooling should never be seen as a chore but as a place for one to grow and build a bright future from. Teenagers should be encouraged to get good education so that they can choose the career they want. They are also in a position to make informed decisions in their lives. Some countries so as to ensure that everyone goes to school, have introduced special school programmes that attract all the children to stay in school. They have also embraced technology in the studies. Some countries have also introduced free education to keep all the children in school.

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