Second Amendment and Gun Control

Gun control is one of the government policy and regulations that controls and limits the selling and use of the firearms. The second amendments postulate that a well-controlled militia is important to the security of a free country where the rights of the people of keeping and bearing arms should not be trespassed. Gun control is the process of keeping firearms away from the people. By people having guns in their houses, they will be in a position to protect themselves (Lund 103). It will also be risky for the people to have guns hence gun control regulations should be embraced by the government.

This paper will discuss the second amendment in controlling use of guns. The interpretation of the second amendment enables a government to know who has right to own the guns and who has no such rights so as to enhance gun controls. The collective view of the interpretation of second amendment argues that the right to own guns should be made for a collective purpose.

In this case, there should be strict gun control laws which will make the availability of guns owned by individuals less hence leading to a reduction in crimes committed using guns hence saving lives (Kwon 45). This view also affects the citizens who own the guns and they abide by the law since their right may be trespassed.According to the second amendment, bill of rights have stated that a well-regulated militia is important in the provision of the security of a given country. It also argued that the right of people keeping and bearing the guns should not be infringed. The interpretation of this amendments, first calls for stricter gun control laws which stress that the amendment’s militia clause has guaranteed protection to the state and nothing to the individuals as per as security is concerned. The individual has no right to maintain their own militia that can protect themselves.

The second amendment was made to protect state from external attacks. The second amendment was made after the independence from the colonies. It was made to protect the state from being invaded by the enemies but not to guarantee security to the individuals (Dowd 79). It, therefore, prohibited the fellow citizens from owning firearms. It employed restricted gun control measures.

The other argument about the second amendment is that it guaranteed the individual rights to own the firearms. This is where the amendments argue that the rights of the individuals to own the firearms should not be infringed. As per this interpretation, the collective view does not include the individual citizens in the process of providing security to the state. In this interpretation, the individuals have the right to be given firearms to protect themselves whenever the need arises.

Restricted gun controls as addressed in the collective view of the second amendment is important in the prevention of violence in the country. When citizens are restricted from owning the firearms it becomes an advantage. This reduces high rates of the gun-related deaths in the United States. The restriction from having guns by the citizens will reduce gun-related crimes and thus save the lives of the people. In the United States, the highest death of the citizens was of about 3500. Where they were killed using the guns. Attacks related to guns are more prone to causing death as compared to other knife or other attacks. There is a reduction in the number of the domestic deaths in the families and in many marriages. When the people are not restricted to own the guns, it can lead to the killing of family members in case of disagreement among members of the society (Murray 90).

For example, husbands have been involved in the killing of their wife, if they possess guns in their families. In some cases, gun controls are important in preventing crimes like the one associated with stealing using the fire arms and killing of the people. In fact, the restrictive gun control are significant in reduction of crimes and violence associated with the use of firearms in our families and society at large.

On the other hand, restricted gun control laws has brought inconveniences to the law-abiding gun buyers and owners. This will make it not to protect the possession of the guns by the criminal. Majority of the homes and families in the United States owns at least one gun. This is made for protecting their homes, target shooting, and hunting and for the purposes of collecting. Preventing the people from owning the guns will be a form of infringing the citizens rights. According to the organizations such as national refile association in America they argue that the second amendments give citizens rights to access firearms.

The right of the citizens to own the guns is good for protection. The ownership of the guns is important for the personal defensive purposes. But the law should restrict on those who should have a gun or not (Volokh 97). In the United States, those who have guns should be registered and allowed by the law. The second amendment has provided the rights for the people to own the guns. The amendment argues that there is no country which should be involved in the enforcement of the laws that shall abridge rights or protections of the citizens in the united states of the America (Van Tets 86). The second amendment has been important in handling the issue about who should own the guns and who should not own the guns in the United States. To conclude, the second amendment is important in any given state in managing the handling of guns.

The amendment through its interpretation, it controls the ownership of the guns. The collective view enhances for the enactment of the restricted gun control laws where only military can own the firearms and provide security to the state. The collective interpretation of the second amendment prohibits the citizens from owning the guns and this leads to a reduction of the crimes and violence hence saving the lives of the people. The second amendment also argues that civil rights should not be infringed, the amendment provides for the rights of the citizens to own the guns. The guns are important for the motive of protecting the home, families, hunting, and target shooting and for the personal defense. The government should be in a position to regulate the people who should own guns and those who should not. This will lead to protection of human lives and also regulate the buying and selling of firearms among the citizens.

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