School Counseling/School Psychology

Psychology can refer to the use of knowledge to understand situations, treat mental health complications, helps to improve learning and solving personal issues. It is made up of four main goals which include predicting, explaining, describing and controlling the mental processes of human beings. Since childhood have always admired to become a psychologist because my father is one of them. I have always found motivation from him in the way he handles his issues and I can tell that he is indeed the best father. Apart from my father, there are other things that have pushed me to this field of study. The other thing that has motivated me to learn psychology is that I want to live a healthy and stress-free life.

When I study psychology I will be able to understand the relationship between the human body and mind plus how they work together. I can avoid stress by making wise decisions and in case of mental illness I will be able to deal with it hence living a healthy life. Psychology is applicable in day to day life as people do use it whether in classes, relationships or talking to friends. If I understand the way people think and conduct themselves then I will be able to enhance communication something have always longed to achieve in my life. Everybody desire to join university and gain study skills and so I am, joining psychology school will give me the opportunity to carry out my own research on certain topics. One among many things that psychologists have at their disposal is research because it provides insight into human characteristics which is their main area of study.

Some graduated psychologist who has succeeded in their career say that developing research skills and the ability to solve statistical problems has contributed a lot to their success. I would like to join the university because of these programs so I will be a successful psychologist in life. I would like to prove wrong those who say psychology is not a paying career, with psychological skills I will be able to secure a job anywhere because knowledge of human characteristics is a ‘selling’ point when it comes to searching for an employment, there is even a high chance of becoming a very effective manager.

My aspirations are the motivation that I get from my parents especially my father who is a psychologist. I have this unstoppable desire to work hard and become an important person in the society through service to others by settling disputes among them. I would like to be a role model for my children and even succeed me as I will do to my father. All those unsuccessful relationships, those people who feel like giving up on life and have suicidal thoughts are my area of focus and I will never give up until I achieve that.

School of psychology is not a joke and demands a range of skills to arrive at your goals. On my side, I may not have all those skills but I possess some of curiosity and intelligence. I have emotional intelligence that helps me to negotiate through the difficult state of affairs and has helped me to settle small disputes back in high school. Curiosity is my desire to learn more by reading psychological books and doing researches. I am always ready to go and hardworking because I know success always comes to those who are too busy looking for it.