Personal Experience

 My Academic Life

Ever since I had always had this pacification of mind that the epitome of educational success is just doing the basics as long as the pleasures of life are kept intact. I often heard people talking about the value of education, parents talking dearly to their sons and daughters, scholars giving various educational talks, and the motivators acting in the same manner.

All these efforts had proved futile to me because I was oblivious of the real quest for education and the rewards that come with it. I found myself in the central dogma of having a fulfilled life. Maybe I was myopic or just too young to understand the reality of life. Subsequently, I had the thoughts of ever being shielded by my lovely parents who were so committed to ensuring that I had everything at my disposal. Most probably, this was the springboard for my relaxed and resigned attitude in school.

When I joined the school as a freshman, I had too little desire for success because of overconfidence I did not need to do much to appear at the limelight. My Grade Point Aggregate was so demoralizing that my parents would occasionally detect unusual flags. My GPA in the first quarter stood at 3.7, an indication of an academic lag.

I had to work extra hard to be equal to the task, and impress the teachers. What demoralizes most comes from the fact that the more I edged closer to working hard and committing myself, the more my friends kept pulling closer. I had friends of myriad characters, but in the end, the bad and the influential ones carried the day. They lured me into enjoying life beyond the required thresholds. We hopped from one club to another, some of us would be described as “party animals” because that is what we exactly manifested.

I realized that life was sweet, I had an everyday slogan that kept the rest of the team and me moving, we would frequently use the phrase “spend big because there is a fresh cash every Friday.” I had little time for my books” my academic grades were dwindling every semester. Sometimes I would develop an inner fear, but then an immediate consolation would set in that I was still young and I had a lot of time to re-energize and restructure myself. Little did I know that I was wasting my precious time and that a moment was coming when I would ever long for a shred of time to refurbish the bad grades and work for the better.Time went while we were still stuck in the daily operations. The trend was becoming worse. Most of us started skiving classes.

We would often send our classmates to sign in the class attendance sheets while we enjoyed the rest of our day fooling around, partying, and doing other non-sensical things. The bond in our group became formidable. We could understand each other well since our agenda bore same interest. We had formed a resistance towards classes. My parents one day noticed about our truancy cases, made an effort to talk to me and convince me as much as possible but the efforts did not bear fruits. My mother who always stood as my close confidant would occasionally express her dissatisfaction with the way I was progressing in the school. She told me to change for the better to have a bright future. She had sensed danger her son was losing it.

She could not contain that. She, therefore, made several efforts to get some of the top-notch, qualified scholars and counselor to take me through various steps to getting back on the track. I owe my mother the efforts because my life was slowly rejuvenating.The greatest barrier that stood my path was my friends who were still victims of partying and fooling around. They had gone an extra mile of finding various informants in school so that they could be equipped with top information. They simply wanted cheap survival in a tough environment.The turning point of my academic life was completed when I learned the hard way. All my friends had been expelled from school due to exam cheating. That was the very day I was to join them in stealing the exams, but then an idea of an inner conviction from my mother kept on conjuring an image of a sincere boy in me.

I decided to face the paper alone and exude the greatest level of confidence. I was gripped with fear but with an inner thankful heart to my mother. Had it not been for her efforts I could right now be languishing in the life of uncertainty.From there, I have turned my life around to advocate for serious education. I rekindled my desire of getting into the great university. I started working hard in the other quarters, an effort that saw my GPA rising from 9 to 12. This was a revelation to me.

I realized that I was maturing and I had to take different aspects of education seriously.Although I was faced with difficulties before fully gaining an appropriate aptitude, I got a wakeup call to work harder since many opportunities originated from the genuine hard work in academics. Throughout the rest of study period, I maintained a good grip with my mother who also molded me in some ways and taught me about respecting others. My grades have significantly improved, and I will continue working hard if granted an opportunity at the university level. My dream of attaining academic excellence and a bright fire must be kept, Virgil.