Myth is belief which may be natural or supernatural and I have used it over period of time and evidenced that is true according to its outcome. Star war is one of myth which explains the supernatural powers and the cultures. It is written and explained by Andrew Gordon as according to the popular American myth and ideology. Star wars lavish on George Lucas about the fantasy during the 19th-century generations of Wizards of Oz. It is universally embraced and contains wondrous special effects. It talks of the characters and powers beyond Luke and heroine Leia. Like other myths such as “The Lord of the Rings” contain both the modern and old stories on the earth series of evolution. It is complete world with sufficient stories and powers of its own and multitude of many stories. This myth is about the American fantasy which appeals to the young people on the popular believe for instance hero with thousand faces. Star wars was established as a myth during the era when Americans lost heroes which they believed in them and then Lucas took the opportunity and created a myth of that time.

The television, comic books and science of fiction held together for the standard of the mythic hero and this myth is the masterpiece of the American ingenuity and resourcefulness on how what was old was made new again. Lucas shows the junkyards of the American popular culture and the worked out the myth. Stars wars are joint of the mass culture which is customized and supercharged and run flat out. He raided on various popular cultures which were made new again. The star wars successfully meets the mythic criteria and the hero with the thousands faces is the epic myth which stands for the entire culture. According to this myth people believe each hero has the magic since from the childhood and are recognized as the secret helpers. Heroes are believed that they descend from infantile unconscious. Hero gives the battle to the demons which are contained in the local culture and regenerates the society as whole.

This symbolically means hero is this myth is someone who rescues his mother and it leads to the nature of conflicts due to slaying father. Hero contains supernatural powers which help the individual to win the battle. Star wars contain the traditional patterns of mythic adventure and may be unaware of the true identity. Lucas had the inheritance from his father who was a warrior but he was known has orphan because he did now who was his father. He knew that his father was his uncle but the ideal image of his father was Knight who is known as the best star fighter and brave warrior. Lucas had supernatural powers which were hidden and first encountered when was frightened by mysterious hooded figure which altered inhuman howls attacked Luke.

Luke was attacked by the religious leader of the universe the Jedi Knights and has the powers which bind the whole universe. At this time Ben saves Luke from nowhere. In these events the star wars is explained on how Ben from nowhere saves Luke. Attach of the Luke tells us that world of the desert is filled with supernatural forces and it is dangerous. Luke later discovers has safety from the adventure since childhood and at this time Ben joins him. The myth reveals to us the how Luke is guided to achieve and fulfill his hero destiny.