My Steps in Public Speaking

The most significant challenge that I have experienced has been public speaking. I have always been so anxious to face people and express myself. For instance, when I am in class awaiting my turn to do my presentation, I always feel nervous, my heart pounds widely, I get sweaty palms, and my stomach always gets into a knot. Furthermore, when the professor calls my name to the front of the room, and I begin to speak, I always have trouble remembering what I wanted to present and also I can’t read my card notes because my hands shake so much.

My shyness in public speaking has affected my academic performance adversely. This is because I have been participating less frequently in class, less likely to volunteer to contributions in class as well as I give less elaborate answers to questions which are usually short. As a result, I have always received low grades in examinations focusing on public speaking. Additionally, I rarely participate in group works. Thus, as a result, I have lacked to earn good grades in group work presentation.

Public speaking has been a big problem and has affected my academics adversely. As a result, I have taken the following steps to overcome this problem: Firstly, I have learned to stop seeing my presentation as a performance and instead I have learned to always see it as a person-person conversation. I keep reminding myself of this, and this has played a significant role in shifting my focus away from-prompting thoughts. Additionally, I always take some deep breaths. When I feel nervous, I breathe slowly and in a shallow manner which is also a sign to my audience that is in control.

Likewise, I have learned to practice as if am the worst. Practising has helped me significantly as I get to familiarize with my material thoroughly. Once I have done this, it becomes hard to get sloppy when presenting the speech. Additionally, by practising before-hand, it becomes hard to forget essential points. One other important step that I have learned before I can offer a speech is knowing the sequence of my slides as well as rehearsing my speech. By doing this, I anticipate and announce my slides, and this has always made me look to be in control.