Mental health and Nursing

Community based mental health nursing interventions also includes following interventions:

  • Interpersonal, organizational, sociocultural, spiritual, or environmental circumstances or events that have an effect on the mental and emotional well-being of the individual and family or community
  • Elements of recovery, including the ability to maintain housing, employment, and social support, that helps individuals re-engage in seeking meaningful lives
  • Societal factors such as violence, poverty, and substance abuse(Shiela L. Videbeck (2010), Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing 5th edition)

Community based nursing interventions promotes deinstitutionalization and focus on providing treatment to Alzheimer’s patients in community setting. This can’t be done without the promotion of awareness, sympathy, acceptance and support among the Alzheimer’s patients and the community as well as the care providers. The ultimate question will be how and the best answer is through forums. When patients, their community members family, friends, coworkers, etc, care providers and specialized personnel in the field of this disease sit together and discuss their views and understanding about the same, it will help the all participants to understand and learn more and more about the disease, its symptoms and its stages.

It will help to make them understand the situation and position of the patient as well as making them able to help and support beneficial for healing and rehabilitation so that they can lead active and meaningful lives. These forums will not only help in creating understanding and awareness but also give understanding of prevention and support of complex and changing behaviors of Alzheimer’s patients. Through forum we can also study the service environment and utilize appropriate support services. It will also eradicates the misconceptions regarding the mentally ill people. Forum can play the major role as without discussions nobody will be able to understand nor can help the treatment to be done efficiently.