Life in Staten Island


I live in Staten Island, New York which is also known as Richmond County. The island is surrounded by water and has one of the many old and new buildings which form closely. The buildings have a wide range of styles spanning distinct cultural and historical periods. Some of the old buildings include Woolworth building and gothic revival skyscraper which has large gothic architectural detail. Mostly the residential houses are brownstone row houses, tenements and townhouses which are neatly arranged with space in front of them and few with backyards. Stone and bricks are the building materials in this town although they are a few houses which are built on wood frames. The town is very clean with modern plumbing, drainage systems and good air conditioning from the surrounding fresh water and open spaces around.

Staten Island is connected to its neighborhood through railroads and vehicular bridges which are conducive and secure for transportation anytime. Most of the people use public means of transport to get in and out of the neighborhoods while others use private means or they walk on footpaths. The major highways and railroads run throughout the county which facilitates all kinds of transportation especially public transportation which is efficiently available. The gas stations are efficiently available along all roads.

Staten Island is a mixture of urban and sub-urban town. Its boundaries are mainly rivers and physical railroads. The residents of Staten island mainly hangouts and shop in Staten shopping Centers and markets which has several malls, shops, restaurant and bars which mostly operates 24hours. There well-built schools and colleges which facilitate education in the county. There are other social facilities such as hospitals with specialized doctors such as dentist, churches, recreation centers and playgrounds which facilitate community occasions and sports.

During the day you will always encounter with all-aged people walking or travelling to their day to day activity. Some of them will just sit somewhere enjoying the breeze or having small discussions. There are sweet sounds of birds singing all over and animals such as dogs, cats, horses and water animals such as fish. The people here and the animals make the county so alive. There are also attractive places and historical sites which makes this place so interesting. Although there is a few abandoned houses, cars, posters and signs that makes the city dirty, the county have the best and efficient facilities for the community.