Job Evaluation

I have worked in the finance industry in different positions for a considerable duration of time. Currently, am operating in the capacity of a business specialist. My main duties include offering professional guidance to current and aspiring business persons on different aspects of operating a successful business. Most importantly, am tasked with the responsibility of reviewing operational business strategies with the aim of quantifying their relevance, and efficiency. In executing this mandate, and upon critical evaluation of the processes, I undertake to provide guidance as to how to optimize their application in the entity.

In an effort to develop my career in this field, I have undertaken numerous training programs. I also work to promote business integrity and achieve consistency in work schedules and output. In my capacity, am frequently called upon to review business offers, letters of intent, and various agreements either on confidentiality, acquisitions, mergers and joint venture propositions. In reviewing these letters, the expectation is for me to give a professional insight and assessment on whether or not the proposals are viable either in the short term or in the long term. The position has privileged me to acquire valuable experience which makes me a valuable asset to any entity.

I have gained much of my experience working in the finance sector. For at least ten years, I worked in a reputable financial institution. While working with the institution, my major responsibilities included facilitating business support and developing business sale agreements. During this time, I also achieved great success mostly for my employer. As a result of my success, I was awarded the annual recommendation award for exemplary performance. In addition, I was offered a promotion to the rank of business specialist.In all my past positions I endeavored to be a team player. My commitment is to ensure that I am able to meet all the duties assigned to me and /or my team within the stipulated timeframe. Consequently, I have been able to gain peer recognition by all the teams I have worked with. My personal philosophy incorporates sharing of knowledge and skills to willing and ready workmates.

The idea behind this endeavor is to continuously expand individual work experience, and develop careers in addition to building a positive attitude and boosting morale. The position of business specialist has several similarities with that of a business navigator. The duties of a regional business navigator include initiating business outreach, facilitating advocacy, organizing and facilitating job fairs and screening job applicants. As highlighted herein, I have engaged in duties closely related to those mentioned above. With my process evaluation techniques, I’ll be instrumental in assessing complex business circumstances, evaluate the available solutions to identify the most suitable solution. With my experience in business, I’ll be able to steer businesses towards the achievement of their goals. The position of a regional business navigator will enable me to employ my critical evaluation skills in analyzing business challenges and propose the most suitable solutions for the benefit of businesses.

In my career, my inspiration is to be able to perform my duties to the best of my capacity for mutual benefit. Besides, I strive to achieve the very best for my employer in my capacity. In addition, I embrace in-job training opportunities to advance my skill set. With time, I hope to attain the highest standards practically achievable in my line of duty.