How Elementary Teachers affect Society

Education is important and it matters a lot both for individuals as well as for the entire society. Better quality elementary education has been associated with higher and quality life in future as these children acquire kills that are helpful for their studies. There is nothing as important as having amazing teachers who helps a student to learn and grow and be a role model that students look up to. The effects of good teacher on a learners life are monumental and they contribute a large portion of the lives of the students.

This paper therefore will discuss of the effects of elementary teachers to the society addressing both the positive and negative effects. It is not often very easy to change a student’s life which is why a great teacher is needed to influence the change. This is because teachers are solely responsible for mentoring students throughout their learning process. Building of close relationship between teachers and students affects nearly every aspect of their lives as they teach them the essential life lessons that will assist them in succeeding beyond academic excellence and standardized tests (Featherman et al 244).

They guide their students throughout life issues as they are regarded as trusted sources of guidance. They also help their students to pursue higher education and explore different career opportunities and to be competent in the various competitive events that they may think that they are unable to do (Thomas et al 390). Inspiring students is central to ensuring achievement and this helps in promoting students to fulfilling their potential. Therefore, students who are inspired by their teachers are able to accomplish amazing results and performances and it’s a long-term effect that influences them for the rest of their lives. Teachers and teachers unions have been greatly associated with value addition approach which indicates that the indicators on teachers quality are not solely based on students text scores but rather on the value added ratings (Bennett. n.p).

Teachers however can also have a negative influence towards the students and this may adversely affect the students motivation, success and also his or her well being. Negative attitudes by teachers may impose psychological disorders and symptoms of depression among students. Teachers union should therefore differentiate between good and bad teachers and hence holding them accountable for their performance (Bennett. n.p). In conclusion, teachers should therefore never minimize their role in influencing learners into becoming better people in the society. These roles are more than positive and they possess qualities of a charismatic adult. The teachers have proved touch on the minds and spirits of students influencing the way in which they see and feel about themselves for the rest of their lives.

This is not only a rare opportunity but also a privileged one which should be rewarded, valued and nurtured. They are second from the parents and just as parents, teachers ought to be respected and supported by parents and unions so as to enhance them to have a continued influence on their students. According to all these facts stated in the essay it is important to deduce that great teachers make enormous difference in students lives and ultimately the lives of the entire society while bad teachers damages a student’s chance to have a good life which in turn affects the society in a negative way.


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