Effects of violence shown in video games on behavior of teenagers

Human society has been through constant change but the last two decades have been characterized by unprecedented technological developments which have radically changed the world. One of the most important events was the invention of the internet which simplified human communication, and with time more and more people began using personal computers to communicate and conduct their business. With the technological developments, there was a rise in the creation of video games which were invented for creative purposes.

Although scientist and programmers had good intention during the creation of video games their noble efforts have been thwarted as video games have been proved to promote violence amongst teenagers. According to Ferguson and Olson, violence is an extreme form of aggression caused by an array of factors such as a violent neighborhood, frustration, and intense media exposure [1].

Numerous video games such as Carmeggedon, Hitman, Condemned, Gears of War and Grand Theft Auto V have incredibly violent game-play which exposes teenagers to extreme violence which inspire violent behavior and aggression among teenagers which causes them to be violent as they grow up.The study will employ a body of previously researched including case studies and psychological research conducted on the behavior of teenagers after prolonged exposure to violent video games. Additionally, the study will be specifically looking for experiments and case studies conducted on teenagers with correlation to the time spent playing video games highlighting how the findings of these studies are tied to my thesis statement.

The study will draw its sources from online journals and all resources employed should be academic and not more than five years old. It is essential to have an understanding of how video games can influence teenage behavior to be in a position to design programs which can help address the identified problem ensuring the protection of the teenage population against the exposure to extremely violent media content.


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