Dissatisfaction With Too Hot Coffee Served In the Restaurant

I hope you are faring well and maintaining the enthusiastic business-oriented mind and resilience towards the maintenance of the restaurants vision and key objective goals. I would like to express concern over the issue above in your restaurant sincerely. I have been a close customer of MacDonald’s restaurant for quite long now, but during these years, I have observed a service that dissatisfies me.

The restaurant serves too hot tea that is dangerous and deleterious to the body system. Recently when I was in a rush, I bought a takeaway coffee well placed in a coffee can. When I was on my way out from the restaurant, I experienced an accidental slip that made me fall. Unfortunately, the coffee spilled on me, and my skin got a serious burn, most notably a third-degree burn. I have spent quite some time in the hospital trying to recover. Nevertheless, there are many cases that have also been expressed concerning the dissatisfaction coming from serving too hot coffee in the restaurant.

It is realized that the coffee served in your restaurant is heated to a far much higher temperature above the normal temperature range that an ordinary coffee would be subjected to. In as much as the customer grip is still viable, the trend of the deleterious effects of the coffee served will drive them away.

As an esteemed and concerned customer, I feel like the heating temperatures of the coffee in the restaurant be reduced to a considerable range to accommodate the myriad age gaps. Additionally, proper coffee tins should be embraced with tough, tight lids for proper handling of the takeaway drinks. Lastly, I make a humble request to you to continuously check in the suggestion boxes to gauge the general feeling of other customers. I am looking forward to witnessing a positive reaction from you concerning this matter.