Design analysis in arts

Citation: Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, the statue of liberty radio city the empire, W1013 X 1500cm, new york destination,1988.

Context: this kind of a piece was being done in the year 1988 by an American artist to resemble the statue of liberty which is found at the new york city with a person holding a touch, here this kind of heart was drawn to show how Americans are feeling the freedom of owning their country. This was being this has been done a period where racism was a problem hence in the art you can see the two hands holding each other showing that there was a need for unity and humanity among the American people despite their races.

Describe: on the picture is a young man wearing a black and white striped suit which describes western attire. The Cray hair is clearly shows that he is a white man not from an African origin. There are two hands holding one another at the left corner. Also we can a boring and glittering guitar showing some bit of music on the art.

Analyze: The art describes a stress free man showing some signs of freeness and his clothes has got white and black strips showing that black Americans and the whites are all equal despite their the left bottom there are two hands holding each other showing signs of unity and harmony.


#1: The man with the suit clearly explains how western countries have developed the new version was not experienced in any other country but only in the United States during that time. The posture creates some swag that originates from western nations. The love of music by western countries is being shown by the use of a guitar. Interpret

#2: My personal understanding towards this piece of art is that western culture seems to be well admired and the art Cleary shows how it is well organized and made attractive by use of attractive paints. The message here is that although it was to resemble unity among the American people is also shows how someone can dress well in such attire.

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