Describe an example of your leadership experience

Educational experiences

I am nineteen and half years old 2nd year California community student from the San Francisco city college. I graduated from SF CA 2016 high school with honors. I am among the first group of the students of color to join the college. I am an immigrant from Vietnam who came to us five year ago and I am biliterate/ bilingual in both languages and a learner in English currently with 3.83 GPA in college.

I majored in economic/ business administration with 15 honors program credits TAP and UCLA from the community college and business society alpha beta gamma. I am also a member of the business honors society. I did and qualivf9ed in the IGETC which is an approved course for the certification of (inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) this gave me an approval of general CSU and UC education requirement.

In May 2018 I will be graduating with associate degree in economic and business administration. I enrolled in the campus in 2016 up to date and am still hopping to thrive to attempt the 2018 springs at San Francisco City College before transferring to university to California. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship in high school from maisin non-profit organization. I also got the osher endowment under the mosaic and osher initiative scholarship in college.

Work experiences

I have a wealth of experience in the different fields as a result of having been engaged in several work environments. For three year up to date I have worked for banana republic as brand ambassador. I have gained a very good public speaking and customer relation skills. I have also worked with world financial group a subsidiary of Transamerica insurance firm as independent contractor for one and half years since I was 18 years of age up to now.

I possess an active license from the California state insurance. I am also working for postmate food Delivery Company for one year. I have also managed to work as the poll clerk during the Election Day severally twice a year. I have also managed to volunteer myself in different organizations such as the golden gate park gardening program, Sunday streets which assist in stop sign intersection lighting and the Hack the hood coding program in designing, building and coding websites for small and medium size businesses.

Leadership experiences

For the past few years have held several leadership position and performed. I have served at the capacity of captain of the high school badminton team. After completing my high school I was called back to join the school badminton team as the head coach. I possess on year experience as lawfully certified coach and am proceeding to couch for the 2018 springs badminton games season. Under my team leadership in springs 2017 my team was given the 3rd citywide play award. I also served as the president of my Vietnamese club in my senior year after participating in the club for four years. The Vietnamese clubs core objective was to air the alcohol, and tobacco free students in our school and the neighboring schools. As the treasurer and the vice president of the economic and political science club. My key roles in the club was to manage the finances of the club.