Dental School Application


The strong desire to help people pushed me towards wanting to become a dentist so that I can help people smile. My mother did not have the opportunity to accomplish her dreams of being a pharmacist since she had to take care of us. As a result, she made sure to offer a suitable environment since she wanted to see to it that her children become successful. I attended a small private school in my hometown and after that went to Rutgers University where I pursued a bachelor major in the field of biology and psychology. Having explored different avenues of helping the society as far as the medical field is concerned I finally decided to settle for dentistry. After observing other dentists work it was clear to me that there is an art in shaping people’s teeth and fixing as well as improving smiles. Rutgers University also assisted in shaping and instilling some degree of leadership skills in my career.

I worked with some medical institutions that contributed a huge deal to my pre-dental experience of helping others. At Global Brigades, a dental brigade in Honduras, I offered a hand in setting up medical clinics in the area. Global brigades also enabled me to have the opportunity of helping people with their dental issues and also spread the message of dental hygiene which included teaching children on how to brush their teeth. It was crystal clear that a smile is an essential element of esteem and helping to fix smiles in people would be a boost in esteem and confidence. Observing others take part in the dentist related activities made me realize that fixing smiles is an art and I thus want to be a smile artist. For one year at Global Brigades, a lot was learned and improved the experience in dentistry.

Working with different dentists has helped me gain some knowledge in dental operations such as root canal and extractions. Complex ethical situations in the study are inevitable and occur from time to time, and it is hard to choose from the alternatives. An excellent example is when there is a huge flow of patients, and the dentist realizes that the sterilized equipment is finished, and a patient is waiting in the queue. The most challenging course that I have ever taken organic chemistry and it was difficult because it was a new area of study that required one to think outside the box by looking at the larger image. Passion and commitment are the most significant qualities at Pan Dental Medicine that would help me achieve great success in my career as a dentist. Commitment helps a lot when it comes to delivering the best service to clients.

The desire to help fix smiles in people drew my attention towards medicine and in particular the area of dentistry. After a series of observations, it was clear that dental medicine is an interesting art. My pre-dental experience got adequately enhanced at Global Brigade where I learned a lot as far as dentistry is concerned. Ethical dilemmas are common to occur in dentistry such as a busy schedule of the day which exhausts safe instruments and thus causing a dilemma and difficulty in choosing the best way to go about the issue. Specific courses are challenging and require a lot of time to get a clear understanding such as organic chemistry.