Decision Making and Judgement

Security is a vital requirement in the world we live today. Without it, many things will not stand. I was born and brought up in estates with dark streets where security was and is threatening the life of the inhabitants including myself. The situation has been disturbing so much. My conscience has been telling, me that the life I have lived is not how it should and something can be done to change it to better. The study has found that insecurity has become common in the today’s society believing that only security agencies should deal with matters concerning security.

It is at the higher education level that I came to realize that this notion is just a myth. My psychology professor taught us that if one is seeking peaceful, make peace with yourself first and others will be peaceful when you share the peace already within you. I likened the argument that if I want security, let the security begin with me and then the security agencies will come into place if the situation worsens.

The distance from home to a place of work was just a driveway journey. Many times I experienced a lot of challenges on the way. Reckless driving by careless drivers who broke the driving regulatory rules led to congestions and accidents along the way. As a learned graduated from the high school, I was well equipped with first aid skill and thus responded quickly in times of accidents and offered my skills when needed. The escapades taught me what it takes to be a responsible person who can render services effectively and immediately in times of need to save the situation.

If given a chance to be a police officer. I will perfectly utilize my already gained skills and experience to be a competent personnel ensuring the security is the priority for all.