Donor, an associate professor of education at the College of William and Mary in his recent publication on the history of college sports scandal, wrote on the report concluded by the FBI officers. The rate of bribery in the college sports has of late risen high as he captures Christian Dawkins as a coach who has been caught receiving a bribe. This piece of work wills critic the bribery and charges in the college sports and the conspiracy by Christian Dawkins.

Mr. darkens recorded by the FBI radio calls saying “the assistant coaches are better to work with rather than the head coaches who are highly paid as they cannot receive bribe.” this call has it all that the sports agent has had a foul play in the sports arena. The coach has been merging with other companys such as the Adidas to bring conspiracy in the sports arena. It is not clear on how many matches the coach has had a foul play, but there is definite evidence that he has been involved in bribe allegations. The professor says that his publication will hasten the case and bring forth more claims which seem to have capsized in the FBI offices. The scandals revealed in his release he says it is assuring way of bringing forth much more (PUBLIC PROSECUTOR, p14).

The publication he says would soon bring the scandal tom limelight. Mr. Dawkins, it is assumed that he involved Adidas staff members in performing this conspiracy. In his publication, he mentions three staffs belonging to Adidas and another member who has been entangled in the plot. Mr. Dawkins has now been accused of the following base cases: a conspiracy of committing bribery, money laundering and wired fraud conspiracy. It is said that some amount of money was wired to his account by unknown members (Mail, p2).

The allegations made had backup evidence through a phone, and also the FBI hired a financial auditor to audit me.Dawkins. It is alleged that Mr.Dawkins told a player through the phone that he was looking forward to purchasing a posh car as well as a house. The F.B.I wanted the auditor tom audit his property whether it was worth his salary. According to Jamal me.Dawkins was making more money than a mere sports agent would make. The questions raised were why small sports agent fails to co would operate with the head coaches rather than the assistant coaches. In the publisher we also see me.

Dawkins mention in costly cars such as BMW, Mercedes Benz which indicates that the sports agent had made enough to purchase then the vehicle. The frauds he has been accused of will set him on the fence side as the evidence is indisputable. The other coaches who were indicted were from the University of Arizona Emmanuel Richardson (Evidence, pp12).

The history of college sports scandals has recently raised the alarm as there is no fairness which used to be a long time. These scandals reduce the morale of the players who would want to play as they know there will not be fairness at the end of it all. The resultant is that it will slowly kill the talents as those who do not fit for the sports are the ones to be picked for the competitions. The intervention of F.B.I investigations will restore the lost glory. Congratulations to Mr. Jamal for this publication too. (Report, p50).

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