Corruption to the economy and the society


Corruption is the best friend to many people but the biggest enemy to a countries development.


Corruption currently too many nations has become like a life style. Just saying the name sounds like food to anyone in any nation. They care less about the purity. Or do I imagine that they are not aware of the effects of is it the knowledge of what is corruption? May be none is right of the two. Everyone is cock sure of what is corruption and its effects to the nations development at large. The worst side of it all is that the big fish in the pond now feed the small fish or on the other side the use those to outdo the other big fish too. May be this is to block the ways that they may be used to reach them.

I mean to cross their enemies before they plot about it. People who engage themselves to corruption mostly claim others for their mistakes if caught guilty. Corruption is addictive like drugs since it makes one earn enormously within a short period of time, make things out in a very easy way without the real and the required process. Others use corruption to clean their dirty names to the face of the people. (Commision 2009)

It has been noted with no doubt that the effects of corruption are enormous and also very adverse to the nation in various aspects. This include to the people, economy and the society. Below are some of its effects of corruption to various parties


1. Lack of quality services

In a system injected with corruption, if one could need to get a quality service then one might be forced to pay for it differently the actual pay. This is what is said to be corruption. Good examples are bursaries, electricity, distribution of public funds and many more. Just imagine that a certain doctor just bought a degree paper from one of the best universities in the world and he/she is working. Do we expect the best results as from the papers? Definitely no. (Commision 2009)

2. Lack of proper justice

In the judiciary systems, the animal called corruption may lead to total torture and suffering to the people who should not be exposed to suffering. This is due to the person who got the money wins the game. Given that the wealth are guilty, then bribing the lawyers and also the judges to them is just a gulp of water. Then this may be followed by issues like lack of evidence, prolonged investigation which ends up with adverse outcome of the expected results of judgment. This is what is sometimes termed as justice denied or justice delayed. (Mauro 1996)

3. Poor hygiene and health

Corruption can make a country suffer from poor water to drink and use, poor state of roads, food stuffs among others. Contractors use dubious methods to make sure that they use less money to save for personal benefits. This can be costly to the country in issues like deaths, diseases among others. (medhum n.d.)

4. Accidents

One can imagine a situation where the police officers take a bribe to allow poor cars to carry people, allow over passage carriage, untrained drivers to continue operating on the same roads where the people are also using. Others allow even drug people to still drive in the name of corruption or bribe. This is later seen when the results of farce road accident are seen and very many people loose theirs lives. This is the worst mistake that the police men and more so the traffic officers do. Mind the person operating the machines which hunlde traffic lights is incompetent. (Tannen 1990)


1. Lack of respect to the governments

People express their thought and voice through the vote. Ming that the decision was corrupted by a small amount of money as a bribe. The people shall go to the person not of their own will. Again if the leaders are chosen out of good heart and pure decisions and later they notice that the leader is corrupt then people lose confidence and then they lack respect the governments. (Mauro 1996)

2. Lack of respect for rulers.

This mostly happens upon noticing that the leaders are corrupt too. This is like unequal distribution of the social amenities or rights.


1. Decrease in foreign investments.

Investors won’t like to lose their money and instead of investing in a risky place with corruption their blanket they opt to hold back or invest in other countries.

2. Delayed growth

Due to the greed of money then work that ought to be done in a duration of a month can take even four months so that one can continue to seep money though the unlawful means. (Commision 2009)


Corruption is one other the biggest and greed animal that is eating up people, economy and society at large. It leave a very bad odor of rotten hence untrustworthiness, untruth among other things which are all adverse to the country. I call upon everyone to shun away and preach against corruption. This is the only way out of this deep quack mire.


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