Communication Strategies


Communication is a central connection that exists between people who want to get the best from one another. Communication is vital always especially to people in relationships since it boosts their understanding. In this field of communication expertise, I am taking the role of Dr. Dre as a famous person and also an expert in the field of communication. The first question is from Miss Wantoo B. Likeyou. Her question is about not being able to communicate, and that she struggles with the problem every time.Dear Miss Wantoo, first, communication is not something to struggle with since it’s the tool you have been using to make requests, pass information to people to people around and you and even give directions to your juniors.

The idea that you find it hard to communicate emanates from your inner emotions. Effective communication and being able to communicate with people does not just come from information exchange, but it is all about understanding and comprehending the intentions and the emotions that are behind the listeners and the information being passed across. Therefore, Miss Wantoo when you find any difficulty in trying to communicate with people, try to engage more listening aspects during the conversation, being able to be assertive, employ event he uses of nonverbal communication. Consequently, over time you will come to realize that connection is just a simple task to do and that communication, in particular, is more convenient and efficient when it not formulated but somewhat spontaneous.

The most likely thing that makes it hard for you to communicate may be lack of focus during the communication process, or maybe there is inconsistency in the way you use language. As a result, you may find it hard in trying to communicate due to lack of integration between the body and how it reacts to the verbal communication. The second question is from Looking for Love in Digital Places. The question is is social media a form of communication? And if so, do you think it’s an excellent way to find friends and maybe grow a romantic partner? Useful meeting of people and dating typically need to happen in person.

Therefore, I see no any reasonable explanation as to meeting people to date from online sites, and social media cannot be systematic and even efficient. Yes, according to me, there is something beautiful about the romance that is gotten from meeting with people in public like the social sites and connecting with them till you meet for serious dates

. On the other hand, it may seem to you that just as I have explained, it may be as simple as that just getting someone to the social sites and trying to date. Sometimes it may not materialize since we are not able to identify the people who are for a serious friendship with us that can lead to dating. The idea is now so critical since many people are enjoying these sites, some even ready to take advantage of your ignorance and situation by luring you into entering a serious bond with them.

Therefore, one needs to be careful about the encounters online and most notably the social sites. The first step in trying to catch up with the right person is meeting with them one on one, and therefore, the sites should just enable us to identify the people you think can make up to that and be convinced enough to be able to make the friendship go an extra mile. For a shy and anxious person who is trying to meet someone as a stranger may be in public for the first time, the experience may not be the best since the task may be so grueling and may need more effort and luck. The third question is from Baffled Boyfriend. He has been in a relationship for six months now, and last night he had a fight with the girlfriend, and she was asking him who was he, and he started thing that this is a stupid question to ask. He is, therefore, asking what the girlfriend wants from him.

Dear Baffled Boyfriend, many romantic relationships out there are not all so excellent. Many of these are being troubled by one thing or another due to the communication abilities they adhere to in their encounters. If your communication styles have not been so frequent, then the chances of both of you drifting away from one another are so high. Therefore, your girlfriend is asking you who you are because she wants to comprehend the real meaning of your relationship, she wants to know her role in your life and how you contribute to the success of your well-being. It is always crucial to be more concerned about others and how they give love and their complete flexibility in giving and receiving love.

The question she is asking you is never stupid, she want the love you have had to be redefined again, she feels like the love is fading away and that maybe she thinks you have changed from the person you used to be as a result of the fight you both had.

Of course, she knows who you are and probably knows that you are the boyfriend. However, it is not the literary knowing that we know that she wants to get from you. She wants the actions of love to manifest, speak up positive words to her, she needs you to be the reasons for her to be happy and above all communication between the two of you pave the way for her, and she will eventually open up more about what she feels about you. Moreover, even the reasons for your often fights and disagreements to a more significant extent have been contributed by lack of constructive communication, and the romantic attraction is now begging to take another course, and that could be the reason she is asking who you are. The question of her asking who you are is critical there because I can say she was wondering maybe why you have changed and you are no longer the person she met on the first day. She wants to get to know the difference between you now and then the person she found on the first day of your dating.

There might be some things you used to offer her and may be passionate love as one of them, but you are not doing it anymore, these are some of the possible answers she wants. The next question is from Star Struck. The problem he is asking is about the attraction someone develops from a person until he or she ends up saying someone is hot. He wants to know what is so attractive in a person. He also wants to get to know the strategies that can work to build a good conversation on a date that will guarantee another date next time. Dear Star Struck, most people fall in love from the first sight, as well as there are those who fall gradually. Therefore, the idea of finding someone hot depends on the person and what he wants from the person he sincerely hopes to get. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, one can see many things in a person that he or she finds attractive.

These could be physical attributes of an individual, the mannerisms, the character traits or something extraordinary done by that particular person. On the question of maintaining a date, and ensuring that you do what it takes to guarantee the next date, is all about personal disclosure to the person you are within communication. A sustained and a reciprocal self-disclosure or instead revealing more about oneself more gradually will help one develop interests in the person. Over a period, someone will want to get more from you, and as a result, such a person will look forward to meeting you again. The last question is from C.U Nomore. She wants to break up with her boyfriend who has been dating for a year now. Dear C.U Nomore, personal communication is essential especially to people who have been having a thing in love.

Dating for a year is not something to joke around within a relationship. Your friends are not giving you the right decision, since texting your boyfriend that it is no more between the two of you is not so logical. Furthermore, even if you were serious about it, a text message will be taken as a joke because he main just thinks you are kidding him. As a consequence, you need to communicate one on one bearing in mind the importance of nonverbal communications. It is even better for him to get hurt in front of you than texting without getting the feedback of the reactions directly. Besides, who knows, maybe when you meet and discuss it, he may even convince you with genuine reasons until you find yourselves together again. Therefore, having a personal interaction amongst people in love is crucial when it comes to communication.


In general, having constant communication can help solve many problems. People who rarely communicate usually have a lot of challenges when it comes to making requests, proposals and information delivered. Interpersonal relationships that can be gotten from the people in love is another critical issue when it comes to the significance of communication. When looking for love, going for a date, breaking up in relationships, communication is the cornerstone that brings all these things possible. It is, therefore, a prominent virtue to develop a good command of communication in everything and everyone we meet.