Attention material: Right now, even while we are in this hall, we are all aware of the abuse and the mistreatment that some children, orphans, and non-orphans are undergoing in our society. It is a life costing threat that many cruel people are doing to our children. In our country today, 30% of our children are facing child abuse according to children right survey, and the number seems to increase at a very high rate. How long will our innocent children continue to be exposed to such abuse?

Credibility material: currently, I am a children rights activist working with National Children Rights for Better Society. I have completed several research relating to child abuse in our society.

Preview: Today I would like to persuade that there is much risk exposure to our future society as this monster of child abuse continue misusing our innocent children. I will to offer ways in which we can do away with child abuse in our society.

Transition: Now let’s analyze this problem: BODYI. There are several types of abuse associated with child abuse. Neglected abuse being one of them.

A. Lack of basic needs for the child.

1. Failure to provide basic needs for the child results to neglected child abuse

2. Abandoning children and not taking care, failure to offer education may lead to,

a. Child suffering due to the luck of food.
b. Stress children as the child go to the streets to beg for food and other basic needs.
c. Illiteracy of the child since nobody to take such child to school and hence the future of the child is tortured.

B. Emotional neglect abuse.

1. Parents fail to nurture give affection or attention to their children.

2. Children are left freely to decide for themselves.

a. Most of the children start abusing drugs and trafficking them.
b. Other children enter criminal behavior.

C. Failure to take medical care of the children

1. Fatal diseases such as Tetanus causes permanent disability to children.

2. Some disease if not well treated such as malaria causes death to the child.

Transition: Now, since we have analyzed the risks associated with neglected child abuse, and have seen that children need great care from parents, lets me tell you how you should offer the right care to your children.

II. Building a good parental relationship with your children.

A. Parents should ensure that they know the whereabouts of the children.

1. Parents should be able to account for the daily activities of their children.

2. Parents should also keep the close truck on the behavior of their children.

a. both in school and at home to ensure that they are not associating themselves with drug abuse and also theft behavior.
b. Ensure that their children have access to basic needs such as food, clothes, and shelter.
c. Parents should ensure that the behavior of their children is well tracked.

B. To ensure that the children have successful future.

1. Parents should ensure that their children are God-fearing.
2. They should also ensure that their children have access to better education.

a. Good education academic access opens child’s mind to remain focused and ensures that child has bright future.
b. Children too need a good moral education since children without moral is a useless child in the society.

C. Parents too should offer good medical care to their children.

1. So that children enjoy good health that makes them work well in their activities.

2. Ensure that children are not exposed to fatal diseases that may limit them from achieving successful future.

a. Children should be vaccinated against detrimental diseases that permanent disability such as tetanus.
b. Fast and effective treatment should be offered to children if infected with diseases such as malaria to ensure that malaria does not cause death to our children.


Today I have enlightened you in the current child abuse in term of neglected abuse. I have also given you solid advice on how to treat your children to ensure that you don’t expose them to this type of child abuse.Conclusion Remarks: I hope you will initiate my advice as you continue with the parenthood and also spread this good news of advice to many of the parents who have missed this great teaching so that we may build together a better society.


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