Chicano Latino Studies 65 (Interview/Article)

It has come to my realization that 1.5-generation individuals are subjected to various types of challenges in the course of being assimilated in the way of life in the country they end up living in. The primary reason I wish to conduct the interview is to define means in which challenges faced by 1.5 generation can be mitigated. An additional reason for conducting the interview was to make the 1.5G understands the meaning of their place in the society. The basis of the interview questions I will use in the process of carrying out the interview will form its foundation on the definition of 1.5-generation individual entails. Specifically, 1.5-generation individuals refer to individuals who immigrate to the new nation before or during their early teenage life. The reason why the mentioned individual is referred to as 1.5 generation individuals is that as they immigrate to the new nation, they maintain the culture of their mother counties while still working toward getting assimilated to the in the social setting of the new environment.

Interview questions:

1. What is your mother country and what prompted your parents to vacate to the United States of America?

2. What type of immigrants are your parents

3. What kind of reception did your parents receive upon arrival in the United States?

After having developed an insight of the family background of the respondent, I will embark on asking the respondent about his individual life. When providing answers to the question stipulated in the following section, ethic consideration of the interview will be ensured by making sure that the respondent’s names are not in any way listed in the paper.

The major question that I will ask the respondents will be as following:

1. How old were you when your parents settled in the United States.

2. If given a chance would you ever go back to your mother country?

3. Have to live in the United States changed the relationship between your mother and father.

4. Is there a notable difference between the education system in the United States and that in your mother country?

5. What level of education were you at the time you joined United State education system.

Respondents answer

I: What is your mother country and what prompted your parents to vacate to the United State of America

Synch: my parents hail from the interior of China. The major reason that made the parents vacate to the United States was after my father (who is a medical doctor) got a green card lottery to work in the United States of America.

I: What type of immigrants are your parents

Synch: considering the major reasons that made my parents immigrate to the United States, I can quantify my parents as optimistic immigrants. Optimistic immigrants are very determined to start a new life in a new county with the aim of realizing their dreams. For instance, my father’s urge of immigrating to the United States was fueled by the urge to fulfil career dream as a medical doctor.

I: What kind of reception did your parents receive upon arrival in the United States?

Synch: According to what I witnessed upon arrival at the United States of America, I can openly say that my parents were received with a warm welcome by both the government of the United States and the citizens of the united states. Even though some immigrants are subjected to ill-treatment from the government, the fact that my father had legal documents of the becoming a citizen of explains the reason why we were not subjected to ill-treatment from the government.

I: How old were you when your parents settled in the United States?

Synch: I vividly remember I had just done away with my primary school education implying that I was ten years old. A notable difference is noted in the United States education system with that of China. Thus, I was required to start my education afresh to adopt that of the United State community.

I: If given a chance would you ever go back to your mother country.

Synch: I have already adapted to the American lifestyle since I was ten years old. Considering that I am eighteen years old currently, I have made good friends here in the United States, Back home I don’t have as many friends as I have here in America. Thus if presented with a chance of going back to China for good I would openly decline the offer. However, if the travel back home is not in the future, I can accept the offer.

I: Have lived in the United States changed the relationship between your mother and father

Synch: The American life and cultural bears a notable difference with that of the Chinese. For instance, In China, men bears the responsibility of the sole provider of the family, the concept is however different in the United States where women bear the role of supporting their family. After the being assimilated into the America society, the relationship between my mother and father. For instance, my dad would assume the roles of preparing the family a breakfast like many American dads did. Following the service, the head of the family was offering on behalf of my mother, the relationship between the two took a different direction.

Analysis of the Interview

Facts entailed in the conducted interview shows that the respondent’s (Synch ) family were legal immigrants since before their immigration to the United States the father had obtained a green the card to make him legal immigrant of United State. Together with the family being legal immigrants, the primary reason that made the entire family immigrate to the United States also makes the family assume the title of Optimistic immigrants. The family being legal immigrants did not face harsh treatment from either the United States government or the citizens of United States. Instead, they were treated respectably by their neighbors thus they were not subject to any form of prejudice from their neighbors.

The respondent mentioned that if his family had not acquired the legal documentation of becoming American citizens, they would be subjected to high-level prejudice from the citizens and the government of United States of America. The type of reception that my parents received upon their arrival in the United States had a big impact on both our settlement in the United States and the way in which we settled on the American soil. Specifically, the respondent was able to quickly settle down and pick up with other students in his class. Additionally, the friendly welcome that the parents received enabled the respondents to quickly adapt the American lifestyle.

According to the information provided by the respondent, he did not get any difficulties in catching up with the students he encountered in America since the students are well aware of the benefits associated with embracing diversity within their county. As noted in the interview I conducted with the 1.5-generation individual, the process of assimilation in the United States is not as challenging as many people. However, it will much depend on how good an individual is in accepting changes to adopt in the new environment. For instance, accepting one new state of the new environment is what according to Synch facilitated his quick assimilation in the United States.

An additional feature that promotes quick assimilation in the United States is that population of United States does not practice high levels of racial prejudice. Even though United States policies facilitate a better assimilation of immigrants, the educational experiences that the immigrants receive indicates an alarming rate. Many immigrants are subjected to a situation in which they cannot get access to quality education a fact that has made many immigrants face instances of joblessness. The issue facing educational challenge did not befall my respondent mostly likely because as he explained his father had all legal documentation to qualify his son a position in United States education centers. Following the secure place Synch got in United States educational system, he was subjected to attaining a better education.

Thus, he acquired a good job. According to the explanation given by the respondents, as he started his education, he faced many challenges such as poor communication, but after spending some time with his fellow students he, developed the required skills to tackle his educational needs effectively. The United States of American policies ensures that every individual has equal opportunities for growth, the stipulated policy made Synch secure a good job and got assimilated into the job quickly.