Career Path Research

The selection of a career path is crucial, and it is a tough choice to make due to the many different ways one can take even after choosing a career. In this discussion, we shall look into three career paths in the healthcare sector.

The first to look into is home care assistant or aid. They help out the people who need constant or medical in their homes or even those who need medical health when they go about their daily deeds, so, they can work within their patients homes or be with them beyond homes. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are paid approximately $21,829, and it is one of the fastest growing careers in the United States. It is estimated to grow 72.1% by 2020, which mean the job is very secure and will continue to grow. Most of the agencies do not require an educational background they give online tests to certify them.

Another career path in the health sector is Community care facilities for the elderly. It involves the care of the elderly as the name suggests, but it is more than just that, they make sure their environment and the old themselves are clean, fed and if there is medication to be taken they administer it, they also keep then company as companions. They work in retirement homes and even homes of the elderly. For one to do this job, they require a light nursing background and have to be certified by the agency that employs them.

It is projected to become more stable and jobs to increase by 49.4% in 2020. The last healthcare path to look at that of a medical assistant, it is a bit more complicated, and it requires a higher education certification of around 2years. It has an excellent job security for coming years, and presently it is paying $30,548. And one is required to make sure the medical office is running smoothly in medical duties and organization duties too, it is said to be a very secure job, and it is growing very fast as time goes.